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Part Details Brand Manufacturer Series For Rail Width Carriage Length Carriage Width Dynamic Load Rating Static Load Rating
Drylin N linear bearing carriage,27Wmm Igus N 27mm 40mm 14mm 300N 500N
Igus Linear Guide Carriage WJUM-01-10, W Igus W 40mm 29mm 26mm - 3800N
Drylin N linear bearing carriage,17Wmm Igus N 17mm 20mm 9.6mm 25N 50N
Drylin N linear bearing carriage,40Wmm Igus N 40mm 50mm 23mm 400N 700N
THK Linear Rail, Bolt hole caps, M6
  • RS Stock No. 810-0265
  • Brand THK
  • Mfr. Part No. C6-PLUG-10PACK
THK - - - - - -
NSK Linear Guide Carriage PAU09TRS, PU
  • RS Stock No. 619-2442
  • Brand NSK
  • Mfr. Part No. PAU09TRS
NSK PU 9mm 30mm 20mm 1490N 2150N
Drylin N linear bearing carriage,80Wmm Igus N 80mm 80mm 57mm 600N 1000N
Igus Linear Guide Carriage TW-04-15, T Igus T 15mm 42mm 32mm - 1.4kN
Igus Linear Guide Carriage TW-04-09, T Igus T 9.6mm 29mm 20mm - 0.48kN
Igus Linear Guide Carriage TW-04-12, T Igus T 13mm 34mm 27mm - 0.96kN
Igus Linear Guide Carriage TW-01-15, T Igus T 22mm 74mm 47mm - 4kN
Bosch Rexroth Linear Guide Carriage R044289401, R0442 Bosch Rexroth R0442 9mm 31mm 20mm 1180N 2100N
Bosch Rexroth Linear Guide Carriage R044229401, R0442 Bosch Rexroth R0442 12mm 34.8mm 27mm 2310N 3470N
Bosch Rexroth Guide Block R165181420, R1651 Bosch Rexroth R1651 20mm 75mm 63mm 18800N 24400N
Igus Linear Guide Carriage WJUME-01-10, W
  • RS Stock No. 702-6725
  • Brand Igus
  • Mfr. Part No. WJUME-01-10
Igus W - 29mm 26mm - 1200N
THK Linear Rail, Bolt hole caps, M4
  • RS Stock No. 810-0252
  • Brand THK
  • Mfr. Part No. C4-PLUG-10PACK
THK - - - - - -
THK Linear Rail, Bolt hole caps, M5
  • RS Stock No. 810-0256
  • Brand THK
  • Mfr. Part No. C5-PLUG-10PACK
THK - - - - - -
Bosch Rexroth Guide Block R165111420, R1651 Bosch Rexroth R1651 15mm 58.2mm 47mm 7800N 13500N
Bosch Rexroth Guide Block R165121420, R1651 Bosch Rexroth R1651 23mm 86.2mm 70mm 22800N 30400N
THK Linear Guide Carriage SSR15XW1SS(GK), SSR-XW
  • RS Stock No. 730-0060
  • Brand THK
  • Mfr. Part No. SSR15XW1SS(GK)
THK SSR-XW 15mm 56.9mm 34mm 14.7kN 16.5kN
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