Humidity Indicating Desiccators

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Part Details Desiccant Type Desiccant Mass Maximum Operating Temperature Operating Temperature Range
Silica gel dessicant,10g sachet Silica Gel 10g - -
Silica gel dessicant,50g sachet Silica Gel 50g - -
Silica gel dessicant,100g sachet Silica Gel 100g - -
Indicating desiccator,Silica gel 30g Silica Gel 30g +90°C -40 → +90 °C
Indicating silica gel,5g 50x35mm Silica Gel 5g - -
Indicating desiccator,Silica gel 10g Silica Gel 10g +90°C -40 → +90 °C
Indicating silica gel,0.5g 35x20mm Silica Gel 0.5g - -
Indicating desiccator,Silica gel 50g Silica Gel 50g +90°C -40 → +90 °C
Indicating silica gel,2g 50x20mm Silica Gel 2g - -
Silica gel desiccant SGL 10g Silica Gel 10g - -
Silica gel desiccant SGL 100g Silica Gel 100g - -
Humidity indicator Silica Gel 10g +80°C -40 → +80 °C
Indicating desiccator,Molecular sieve50g Molecular Sieve 50g +90°C -40 → +90 °C
Silica gel desiccant SGL 50g Silica Gel 50g - -
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