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Coordinating motors in complex machines requires expertise. Schneider Electric offer a complete line of motor control products for your motor management system, and our experience across a wide range of industries allows us to deliver complete drive solutions that minimize project risk and optimise your machines' performance. Motor control solutions such as TeSys and Altivar will equip you with digital analytics for preventive maintenance, help you to reduce operating costs and improve your efficiency. Get access to a comprehensive range of new techology motor control solutions and all the components you'll need to keep your operation running.

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A full range of Motor Control Solutions

  • Find the motor control devices to protect critical motors and keep your production running.
  • A complete selection from Altistart Series soft starters and Altivar Machine / Process drives to TeSys D Green contactors or GV4 Smart Motor Portection.
  • Helping you to reduce energy costs and optimise production line performance.

Altivar Variable Speed Drives

  • The next generation of VSDs, built to deliver IIOT benefits.
  • Advanced functionality, including embedded logic and integrated safety.
  • Smart, connected devices with built-in intelligence.
  • Enhanced environmental protections along with process & control functions.
  • Range includes Altivar Process ATV600 and ATV900, ATV320. 

Discover the benefits of TeSys D Green Contactors

TeSys D green contactors help you to simplify your maintenance services because they require fewer references than traditional contactors. When used with the TeSys LR9D overload relay D green contactors can also reduce heat generation and energy consumption up to 50%.

Altistart Soft Starters

Choose from the popular ATS01, ATS22 and ATS48 ranges, all designed to improve the performance of asynchronous motors by allowing gradual start-up.

TeSys GV4 Motor Circuit Breakers

Compact, robust with up to 115A with 100kA breaking capacity. Available with magnetic, electronic thermal magnetic, electronic thermal magnetic protection.

Harmony Pushbuttons and Pilot Lights

Building high-performance machines and panels has never been easier. Discover the most comprehensive range on the market, designed to improve efficiency

HMISTU Series 7.5 Inch Touchscreen

Thanks to its pushbutton style mounting system, Magelis STU fits anywhere on machines or enclosures. Also features an embedded Ethernet connection.

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